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Mobile Advertising
One stop destination for all your mobile advertising needs. Mad Adz facilitates advertisement on mobile devices as well as helps you monetize by promoting you content to mobile customers through relevant promotional messages.
You can inexpensively manage and organize the entire array of mobile marketing campaigns in all major network services. You can draw up comparison charts to see the outcome of your campaign on varied Ad networks. Our platform facilitates simple transaction keeping in perspective the mercurial temperament of mobile traffic. The number of leads coming your way from different networks can be tracked easily. Our inventory optimization mechanism helps you monetize optimally from campaigns. Our campaigns are tweaked and customized to meet needs of your customers for optimization of revenue generated from consistent traffic.
We have four feature laden services for different user callses.
The platform is geared mainly to meet needs of advertisers. You can create an advertising campaign and run the same through your Ad netowrks or you can get it integrated with our allied Adnetwork. Your list can be tallied with partners through internet. We have Server to Server integration facility with our partners to faciltate east integration of campaigns on Ad Network. It is unique for each Ad network.
This service can be easily integrated with client services. The flexibility of the system allows easy integration of Ad code on publisher’s end.
Ad Exchange
The system has culled the major points of functioning of both advertisers and publishers. This free service is for serving ads exclusively. Simple exchange of banners does not require any click based bidding mechanism. You can check the statistics easily. You can track in hassle free manner the origin of the traffic i.e. leads generated from own system as well as from GEO, Mobile OS, Mobile Brand etc.
QR Codes
This service facilitates easy creation of QR code campaigns by clients. Upon deployment of the campaign, you can track easily the location from which QR code scans have occured. The transparent statistics will reveal the entire array of information like scan details, time, date, Geo, Mobile Brand(OS) etc.
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With Single account youhave access to multiple services and products for your mobile business.This will save you time and money.With Single account you have access to multiple services and products for your mobile business. This will save you time and money.
Mobimex Business Mobile Platform is a versatile solution for end users with the spectrum of services encompassing generating personalized image and video content, broadcasting SMS directly to end users, diverting mobile traffic to own portal etc. It is a one stop destination for entire array of mobile needs.
Smart Money Payment Gateway Service. A web-based service that allows your online business to accept transactions through Smart Money as mode of payment.Mobimex peovides smart payment option that lets you to use your cash to pay, play or send money online safely and securely.
Good networking saves money and builds beneficial relations. From their positive partnership, the two organisations made the decision to move into new premises together which meant sharing information, skills and office costs!