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HLR Lookup/ Number Validation!
HLR Lookup/Number Validation service can be effectively used for broadcasting promotional messages to users in database and subscription lists. You can also send messages to express gratitude for helping you out in your business. You can inexpensively monitor the validity and operational status of mobile numbers in your database. This helps in significantly curbing the operational expenses while gainfully engaging customers.
HLR or Home Location Register is a central database containing details of each mobile phone subscriber that is authorized to use the Mobile Network. With this service you can check each mobile phone number you have in your database if it is on or off, existing or not existing, under which network is working and also in which country is at the moment this mobile phone number.
Sometimes direct SMS messaging to your customers can help you to advertise your mobile portal. We provide you with reliable SMS routes, with which you can send successfully the messages to the end users mobile phones. However we always recommend before broadcasting SMS messages, to check your MSISDN database to make sure your data is up to date. The cost of HLR is way too low than sending SMS message, so this will save you money. Thanks to the HLR lookup or so called number validation you can find out if the mobile phone number exist.
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HLR Lookup
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With Single account youhave access to multiple services and products for your mobile business.This will save you time and money.With Single account you have access to multiple services and products for your mobile business. This will save you time and money.
Mobimex Business Mobile Platform is a versatile solution for end users with the spectrum of services encompassing generating personalized image and video content, broadcasting SMS directly to end users, diverting mobile traffic to own portal etc. It is a one stop destination for entire array of mobile needs.
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