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Mobimex ft. Lion's RunMobimex ft. Lion's Run
This year Mobimex Group will be part of one of the best show ever - Lion's Run. Our car will be Aston Martin DBS under number 26. Behind the steering wheel will be CEO of the company - Joe Peters.

abuzzWine app offers access to many wine estatesabuzzWine app offers access to many wine estates
In association with Cybercellar, abuzzWine has released an application for Android users that enables users to buy wine from hundreds of participating wine estates. It has been developed in answer to an identified need from extensive research in the wine industry.

Alcatel partners with Marvel for Iron Man 3
One Touch Idol smartphone to appear in the latest offering in the franchise, which is released nationwide next Thursday

Nokia 6350

The Nokia 6350 is a fairly simple 3G clamshell phone with the interesting addition of a GPS receiver. Announced exclusively on the US AT&T network, the 6350 should start to ship this month for just under $30 when taken with a two-year contract.

This is a tri-band 3G phone, supporting 850, 1900 and 2100 MHz WCDMA. This means that the Nokia 6350 can be used by AT&T customers when they travel worldwide, and as you might expect this is backed up with quad-band GSM as well.

The built-in GPS is paired with AT&T's Navigator application, although the small 2" QVGA screen isn't ideal for this sort of task. The 6350 does give audible turn-by-turn directions, so it is possible to use it in a car using audio prompts alone.

This is a Series 40 device, using Nokia's popular and simple non-smartphone operating system. All the usual Nokia features are here including a music player, web browser and email client. In this case, the standard Nokia software has been enhanced by some AT&T specific applications for sharing videos and accessing multimedia.

The Nokia 6350 has stereo Bluetooth, microSD expandable memory, a small 2.5mm audio socket, and integrated handsfree speakerphone. Charging and data transfer is done through a microUSB connector, and there is also a small 128 x 160 pixel external display with dedicated media keys underneath.

It's pretty lightweight for a 3G clamshell, weighing 3.61 ounces (or 103 grams). Talktime from the 1050 mAh battery quoted as 4 hours on 3G with 14 days standby time.

It's not a million miles away from the Nokia 3710 in terms of specification, and it shows that Nokia can add useful GPS features to relatively low-end devices.

Available colours are red and graphite, and Nokia say that the 6350 should be available from 4th October onwards from AT&T retail stores and online.