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Mobimex ft. Lion's RunMobimex ft. Lion's Run
This year Mobimex Group will be part of one of the best show ever - Lion's Run. Our car will be Aston Martin DBS under number 26. Behind the steering wheel will be CEO of the company - Joe Peters.

abuzzWine app offers access to many wine estatesabuzzWine app offers access to many wine estates
In association with Cybercellar, abuzzWine has released an application for Android users that enables users to buy wine from hundreds of participating wine estates. It has been developed in answer to an identified need from extensive research in the wine industry.

Alcatel partners with Marvel for Iron Man 3
One Touch Idol smartphone to appear in the latest offering in the franchise, which is released nationwide next Thursday

New O2 staff bonus scheme

New O2 staff bonus scheme

O2 has restructured the way it pays out bonuses by rewarding staff for their individual rather than a collective store performance

O2 has restructured the way it pays bonusses by rewarding staff on their indivudal performances for mystery shop.

From Q3, the new "personal" bonus scheme will see staff who hit their KPI's and pass their mystery shop will receive their full bonus.

Retail stores currently must achieve a collective and combined pass rate of 82 per cent on their mystery shop to qualify for a full bonus. If the store fails to meet this target, all staff, including those who did pass their own mystery shop, would lose a percentage of their bonus.

O2 made the decision based on consultations with retail staff and a three month trial of four pilot schemes. O2 says it saw improvements in sales and mystery shop scores as a result.

O2 consumer sales director Stephen Shurrock said:"Our people want to be rewarded for their own performance and for things within their own scope of influence.

"We are pleased to be now aligning against our core business strategy of turning our customers into fans. Our people told us that they wanted a fairer and more consistently applied scheme and that’s what we’ve done."




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