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Active members: 659,927
PR.SMS served today: 1,743,375
Products served Feb: 2,730,484

Mobimex ft. Lion's RunMobimex ft. Lion's Run
This year Mobimex Group will be part of one of the best show ever - Lion's Run. Our car will be Aston Martin DBS under number 26. Behind the steering wheel will be CEO of the company - Joe Peters.

abuzzWine app offers access to many wine estatesabuzzWine app offers access to many wine estates
In association with Cybercellar, abuzzWine has released an application for Android users that enables users to buy wine from hundreds of participating wine estates. It has been developed in answer to an identified need from extensive research in the wine industry.

Alcatel partners with Marvel for Iron Man 3
One Touch Idol smartphone to appear in the latest offering in the franchise, which is released nationwide next Thursday

SMS Gateway

Mobimex offers a sophisticated SMS Gateway platform for sending text messages worldwide. We offer flexible prices to satisfy your budget and multiple routing options. 

Mobimex supports SMPP and HTTP SMS Gateway Connectivities. SMPP allows you to connect with all existing applications, supporting this protocol, without the necessity of doing any programming.

If a client uses other protocols, we can adapt our system to meet the client’s technical specifications and criteria.  

SMS API (Application Programming Interface) solution allows our customers to send SMS from a computer program, applications or WEB sites. There are no requirements for specific hardware, programming language or an operating system. All a client needs is to have Internet connection and to be able to "hit" URL addresses. 

In case a client wants to have DLR, then a real IP address is needed.

Mobimex provides complete programming implementations if a customer use PHP programming language. For advanced programmers, we offer additional connection methods (methods with * requires approval from our side):

  • URL
  • XML
  • JSON
  • SMPP protocol
  • CSV
  • MySQL*
  • FTP*
How Mobimex SMS Gateway can help your business? 
  • Integration of all kinds of front-end and legacy systems are supported via a range of simple and flexible Application Programming Interface (API) connections. This offers our clients a choice of connection options (HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML, SOAP, Com Object) that are quick and easy to implement.
  • Mobimex SMS Gateway supports multiple languages (e.g. C#, Perl, Java, etc)
  • All submissions are made using simple query parameters.
  • The user-friendly WEB based interface Mobimex offers, allows our customers to manage all their API connections and monitor their campaigns, as well as send automatic SMS notifications, BULK SMS deliveries, make online payments, receive invoices and do HLR Look ups.
  • There is a choice of message routing profiles, so our clients can adapt our service to their budgets and redundancy requirements.
  • Our gateway delivers messages globally and supports Two-Way SMS messaging.

Mobimex SMS Gateway gives you the immediate capability to deliver and receive messages to and from any application, via our global operator coverage