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Mobimex ft. Lion's RunMobimex ft. Lion's Run
This year Mobimex Group will be part of one of the best show ever - Lion's Run. Our car will be Aston Martin DBS under number 26. Behind the steering wheel will be CEO of the company - Joe Peters.

abuzzWine app offers access to many wine estatesabuzzWine app offers access to many wine estates
In association with Cybercellar, abuzzWine has released an application for Android users that enables users to buy wine from hundreds of participating wine estates. It has been developed in answer to an identified need from extensive research in the wine industry.

Alcatel partners with Marvel for Iron Man 3
One Touch Idol smartphone to appear in the latest offering in the franchise, which is released nationwide next Thursday

SMS Games

SMS Games are usually with longer duration compared to the SMS Promotions. In these campaigns players send and receive multiple text messages through out the game. The received messages encourage players to accomplish certain tasks in order to score more points.

Mobimex has developed several successful SMS games. Please look at some of them.  

SMS Football manager 

In this game players have their own football teams and like real football managers are responsible for their team performance. If they want to own a successful team, they have to practice different schemes of play. The more they practice, the better their teams become.  

How does this work with an SMS game? 

Well, clients are encouraged to send different schemes of football play as many times as they want. For example 4-4-2 or 2-4-4 schemes are sent as SMS messages. Sending a particular scheme means that player with Team N1 has trained this scheme. The more messages player send with a particular scheme, the better their team becomes playing it.

Like real football premierships, there are competitions within the SMS game. Team 1 meets Team 2 and a system loads three different game schemes. Then, the winner depends on how many SMS messages with these particular schemes players have sent earlier. The champion after the football ‘season’ can win a car or tickets for real football games.

Warrior of Honor

This is a strategic game and the aim is to win battles and lands. Every participant starts with an army of 500 warriors and a land of 100 acres. With every battle, the player loses part of their warriors. The number of warriors restores after certain period of time. With every victory the player extends their lands and vice versa, with every loss they lose lands.  Every won acre land gives a player the opportunity to grow in the hierarchy from Average soldier to Warrior of Honor. At the end the most powerful Warrior of Honor wins the prize.  

This game is played with SMS message communication. Players register for participation in the game and then they receive message containing the short codes for different commands they would like to execute during the game.  These are so called ‘active commands’. Players receive ‘passive commands’ as well, which gives them information for the current stage – territory, place in the hierarchy, war experience and place in the competition.  

SMS Auction 

An SMS Auction game with duration of one month was conducted. Its aim was to encourage customers to send SMS messages and in this way to reduce the price they are willing to pay for a certain product. In this particular example a Plasma TV was played. 

Players have to send messages inquiring the price of the TV. The Plasma TV was announced to cost 2000  . Every day participants were sending SMS messages containing short word ‘ASK’ and the product number, for example 555. The system returns a message with the current price of the product - ‘Product 555 now costs 1563  ’. Every sent message reduces the price of this product. And if a participant decides that this is a good deal price and wants to buy the product, they send a message ‘BUY 555’ and they buy the product via SMS

SMS Bidding 

An SMS Bidding game called ‘The Lowest Unique Price Win’ is another project of Mobimex. The game rules are simple. Participants have to offer the lowest possible price for a TV which real price is 1000  . So, player 1 sends an SMS with text message ‘BID 1’, where 1 relates to a price of 1 cent. Another player send the same message and this price is no longer unique. In this case the system informs these two players that the price they offer is not valid any more and encourage them to offer new one. A player now can send a message ‘BID 115’, where 115 refers to 11.5   or different price. The duration of this project was two weeks. A winner is the player with the lowest unique price (e.g. no one else offered this price).  

If you need some more information on SMS game campaigns or you have some ideas you want to develop, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.