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Mobimex ft. Lion's RunMobimex ft. Lion's Run
This year Mobimex Group will be part of one of the best show ever - Lion's Run. Our car will be Aston Martin DBS under number 26. Behind the steering wheel will be CEO of the company - Joe Peters.

abuzzWine app offers access to many wine estatesabuzzWine app offers access to many wine estates
In association with Cybercellar, abuzzWine has released an application for Android users that enables users to buy wine from hundreds of participating wine estates. It has been developed in answer to an identified need from extensive research in the wine industry.

Alcatel partners with Marvel for Iron Man 3
One Touch Idol smartphone to appear in the latest offering in the franchise, which is released nationwide next Thursday

HLR Lookup / IMSI Cleanup

HLR or Home Location Register is a central database containing details of each mobile phone subscriber that is authorized to use the GSM core network.

Mobimex HLR lookup service cost is 0.007 EUR per lookup. With these costs Mobimex keeps the best price on the Net.

IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity is a unique number associated with all GSM networks and mobile phone users. This unique number is stored inside the mobile phone SIM card. The used network identifies each mobile phone subscriber by this particular number. The IMSI provides information such as location of call, user preferences and account status.  

Mobimex HLR lookup service helps you send a "query" to both HLR and IMSI databases and receive the following information: 

  • Is the number alive - determines if the number is in use - some people close their mobile contracts or stop paying their phone bills.
  • Is the phone number in use - determine if phone is switched on/off.
  • What is the current mobile network / mobile operator - determines to which mobile provider a particular mobile number is subscribed. Often consumers change their mobile service providers, for example a Vodafone subscriber can move to D1 but keeps their Vodafone number.
  • Is the number in roaming - determines the roaming status of the mobile subscriber. ‘Roaming’ refers to the extending of connectivity service in a location different from where the mobile service is initially registered, usually when subscribers are in another country and their mobile phone automatically connects to a local service provider.
  • From where the phone number comes- determines to which country the number "belongs" to. This information is generally accessible and the HLR is not needed, because every number begins with a short code. For example code beginning with +49 is a German phone number.

HLR Lookup Package:

PackageHLR Lookup
Is number correctYes
Is number portedYes
Is phone switched onYes
Original countryYes
Original networkYes
Roaming countryYes
IMSI number (optional for routes "IMSI" and "IMSI2")Yes
Serving MSC (optional for routes "IMSI" and "IMSI2")Yes

You can see how an HLR works on the graph below.

HLR lookup, IMSI cleanup

SIM/USIM - Mobile Phone
BTS - Base Transceiver Station
BSC - Base Station Controller
MSC - Mobile services Switching Centre
VLR - Visitor Location Register
HLR - Home Location Register
AUC - Authentication Register
EIR - Equipment Identity Register

What you can do with this information? 

  • Call centers - use HLR lookup to determine where the caller location is.
  • Websites - determine if the phone number is correct and turned on, without sending an SMS.
  • Broadcasts - see below.

How this information helps you, if you decide to do broadcasts? 

  • When you do a broadcast huge lists with phone numbers are used. Usually these numbers have not been updated for months. When you send an SMS you pay for it no matter if it’s been delivered or not. To avoid situations like this, it is better to do an HLR lookup (cleanup) and remove the "dead" numbers. Then, you can broadcast the numbers for at least 3-4 months, knowing that numbers are clean. If you receive DLR you can dynamically update you database with new phone numbers.
  • Let’s suppose you have an SMS route that is very cheap for Vodafone, but expensive for D1. Also you have another route that works with D1 only and is cheap. If you have the HLR information, you can send SMS to Vodafone numbers via first route, and to D1 numbers via the second one.
  • If you need to do broadcast to certain operators, for example only for Vodafone, because of a premium billable SMS service you use with this operator, then you can use the HLR information and skip sending SMS to D1 subscribers.

 We can do HLR lookup on your database or alternatively you can connect directly to our HLR server by using URL, XML, JSON, SMPP protocol, CSV, MySQL*, FTP* (methods with * requires approval from our side).